What You Need To Set Up A Playset In Your Backyard

January 31st, 2012 by

No backyard is truly complete without a playset. For children, what would otherwise be an open grassy area is transformed into a jungle of possibility, where kids can climb, run, slide and do everything that you can’t do indoors. But you need to make sure that you have the proper situation that allows you to set up a playset properly before you purchase one. Here’s how to make sure that your backyard is playset-ready.
Measure your backyard. Obviously, the first step is to measure your backyard and make sure you know what size playset your yard can accommodate. This will influence both the playset you buy and where you position it, because you want to allow for substantial space around the playset.
Know what you want. There’s a variety of different materials your playset can be made, as well as accessories you can add: slides, climbing surfaces, swings, etc. Go over with the family what you want out of the playset and determine what’s best for your children depending on their age and interests. The playsets sold at Play N Learn’s Playground Superstores are manufactured out of wood, as wood looks better, doesn’t rust, and lasts longer than other materials.
Make sure you know the incline. Ideally, you’ll be setting your playset up in a flat area of your backyard. But make sure you know the incline, because if there is one, then that’ll need to be taken into account in setting up the set, as parts will need to be lengthened and adjusted. Otherwise, the set will be unstable and unsafe.
Decide if you want to mulch. If you want to put mulch around the set, you’ll have to install the playset first. And make sure you get mulch that is suited for kids play, as not all mulch is ideal for play.
Trim foliage. It’s best if you don’t have a lot of foliage and leaves around the set, so trim them back and also trim the trees that hang above the area where you’d liked to install the swing set. You want to avoid a lot of leaves and sap falling on the set as much as possible, as that minimizes necessary maintenance and cleaning.
If you’re going to assemble the set yourself, be prepared. Make sure you have the tools you need, make sure you know what you’re doing, and, most importantly, make sure you take your time!
With all this taken into account, you’re well on your way to having a fun, dynamic backyard. And with Play N’ Learn’s wooden playsets, you have guaranteed quality and ease of use. It doesn’t take much to accommodate a great playset, so take a peek into your backyard and see how much better it could be!

About the Author: Robert Unger is sales manager at Play N' Learn's Playground Superstores 26 year old chain of 5 Maryland & Virginia stores. Since 2002, Rob has sold thousands of playsets, trampolines, & basketball goals to area families.