Keeping Your Children Cool Over the Summer

June 13th, 2012 by

Keeping Your Children Cool Over the SummerSummer’s here, and that means the kids are home from school and spending plenty of time outside. Nothing’s healthier than time spent outdoors, but at the same time, there are certain concerns to keep in mind because of the heat and weather. Here are some tips for keeping your kids cool throughout the summer.

Drink plenty of water. This seems obvious, but it’s remarkable how easy it can be to forget in the midst of going about your day. On a hot day, make sure your child is sipping water constantly and always has convenient access to something to drink.

Take advantage of shade. If there’s a way to keep play to shadier areas, that’s always desirable, as you’ll want to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. This is also something to keep in mind with your playset; setting it up in the shade helps contain play to cooler, more comfortable areas. Trying to spend the hottest, midday hours inside helps with this as well.

Wear sunscreen. Avoiding sunburn is tantamount to a child’s health and enjoyment, so always make sure to apply sunscreen before playing outside and to reapply if outside for a long amount of time. If water games are involved, you’ll have to reapply more frequently.

Play water games. You could go to a local water park or pool, but those are often dirty and crowded. Instead, just create a water park of your own in the backyard using a sprinkler or water guns. Be sure to do your best not to waste water, though, especially during the summer.

Try to play outside in bursts. It’s better not to have too prolonged of an exposure to the harsh heat and sun, so try and organize playtime so that children spend a period outside, then can go back inside, then can return outside later once they’ve cooled down and/or the temperature has dropped.

Be wary of the possibility of heat exposure. Make sure, particularly in the summer, that you or another adult is easily available to help out if any of the kids begin to feel too hot or unwell. If one of your children does seem to suffer dehydration or heat stroke, be sure to call 911 as soon as possible.

As long as you play it smart and take all these factors into account, the summer should be nothing but fun. Just keep hydrated, take the sun into account, and enjoy the beautiful weather!