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Each bag of SLRM covers a tremendous 2.5 cubic feet! It only requires 10.8 bags for 1 cubic yard!
Coverage amounts may vary depending on dips, slopes, hills and general unevenness in your yard. Allow our playset experts to custom design a bordered Rubber Mulch area around your playset!

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Make your playground as safe as possible with Rubber Mulch. It’s an attractive and superior alternative to organic mulches. It does not absorb water like wood mulch so it dries quickly after a rain and does not freeze in the winter. Unlike wood, rubber mulch does not rot, mildew, mold or decompose. Our Rubber Mulch is made from recycled tires and industrial rubber scraps and is shredded, not chunked for a much softer feel. It is sold in convenient 40 lb. bags in black or brick red. Each bag contains 2.5 cubic feet of mulch. 10.8 bags equals one cubic yard.